Mellem to offer unlimited access to quality health care for all tenants

The Mellem development project is adapted to the new reality of city life, particularly through the improvement of quality and well-being. Along with the aspirations for a responsible and healthy lifestyle, the composition of this development also entails the promotion of buying and supporting local through the carefully curated businesses and amenities made available to its residents.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, physical and mental health concerns are affecting more and more Canadians. Fiera Real Estate, Maître Carré, and TGTA are proud to partner with Dialogue, the Canadian leader in virtual health, to offer unlimited access to quality health care for all tenants of the 250-unit Mellem rental housing project, scheduled to open at the end of summer 2021.

Telemedicine, a way of providing care that does not require attendance or physical examination, is no longer a new concept. Its practice has been on the rise around the world for several years, and the Canadian market is rapidly adopting this care giving method.

“We are very happy to partner with Mellem to provide quality health care to its residents and their families. By offering telemedicine to the residents of this rental housing project, this real estate developer is showing leadership and innovation that will improve the health and well-being of hundreds of Quebecers.”- Dr Marc Robin, Medical Director of Dialogue

According to a HIMSS Analytics study, since 2017, 71% of healthcare providers have used telemedicine tools to communicate with patients. Dialogue’s telemedicine is an innovative technology whose growing presence is facilitating access to quality primary care for millions of Canadians, while reducing pressure on the public health system.

Pierre Pelletier, Fund Manager and Senior Vice President, commented, “We care about the well-being of our residents, particularly during these difficult times when the physical and mental health of each individual is affected. It is important to remain flexible and creative for the benefit of our tenants, and we look forward to providing them with this industry-leading service.”

The first Mellem development project is above all a living space that adapts to the needs of its tenants. Where different generations will come together, Maître Carré’s team of experts has conceptualized places and spaces that allow everyone to respect the pace of life by offering quality moments of tranquility, even near a large urban centre. We are hopeful that this new initiative will foster the creation of a community driven by the residents themselves, in addition to the services and amenities that Mellem brings to them.