Montréal Real Estate Forum: Financing, what financing, I can’t get no… but what are the bankers saying?

Join us on Tuesday, June 13 from 11:05-11:55 AM ET at the Montréal Real Estate Forum for the session titled “Financing, what financing, I can’t get no… but what are the bankers saying?”.

Inflation and uncertainty in the market have chilled banks and lenders for real estate. Despite a certain slowdown, Montreal’s economic situation is on a better footing than many cities, thanks to its economic growth, low unemployment rate and relatively affordable housing costs. Real estate fundamentals remain positive, so why are lenders so cautious, and do they still have money to lend for real estate projects? During this session, Pierre Pelletier and five senior executives from prominent financing companies will answer these questions, as well as discussing the types of projects sought and the key criteria, and the ESG elements to be considered in this context. This session will be co-hosted by Laurence Vincent, President of Prével, and Martin Galarneau, Partner at TGTA.

This unique interactive day will gather executive leaders, building owners, developers, investors and lenders to examine key issues, challenges and opportunities in the Montreal real estate market.

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Please note that this session will be held only in French.