Pension Risk Strategies Webinar : Managing Risks for Pension Fund Investors in Today’s Market

With the end of the summer comes the return of webinars.  Join us on September 9th at the Pension Risk Strategies webinar where Eve Makarova, Defined Contribution Delegated Growth Leader at Mercer (Canada) Limited and Blair McCreadie, Head of Canadian Real Estate at Fiera Real Estate will share their knowledge and insights on risk management and delegation.

In his session, Blair McCreadie will elaborate on the key risks that apply to general commercial real estate equity investing and dive into specific areas that pension fund investors should be aware of when engaging in these product strategies such as core, core plus funds versus value-add and opportunistic funds.

 “As we progress in these uncertain times, real asset investing is even more compelling. The real question for institutional investors, is how do I understand and manage the risk?”

Blair McCreadie

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