Québec City Real Estate Forum: Why Invest in Québec City – a National Investors’ Perspective

Join us on May 4 at the Québec City Real Estate Forum where Blair McCreadie will discuss how Quebec City is able to compete with other Canadian urban centres and uncover some of its unique investment attributes.

During this session titled, “Why Invest in Québec City: A National Investors’ Perspective” three senior executives who represent private equity firms that are active in real estate on a North American and or global basis will express their perspectives on the Québec City market. All three organizations represented have made several investments in numerous development projects in Montréal and Québec City. Find out how this market meets their investment criteria and competes against other alternatives.

Blair McCreadie, Head of Canadian Real Estate, commented: “I am looking forward to an entertaining discussion on the Quebec City market. This is a region that Fiera Real Estate has been very active in over the years primarily by investing alongside some important local partners.”

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