Real Estate and Infrastructure Forum : listen to Michael Le Coche’s insight on the industrial real estate industry

Join us at the CAiP Real Estate and Infrastructure Forum on November 2 and 3 to learn about investing in physical assets such as real estate, energy, and infrastructure. Each panel will examine the trends and opportunities in the acquisition, investment, and financing of commercial real estate. Hear the speakers’ takes on the current trends in financing strategies, economic and geopolitical outlook, opportunities in industrial real estate, and more.

On Wednesday, November 2, Michael Le Coche, Director, Strategy and Research, and other esteemed real estate professionals will discuss the unprecedented growth of the industrial real estate industry caused by the rise of e-commerce, and how it is adapting as demand outpaces supply in the “Industrial Real Estate Forecast: Challenges and Opportunities” session. The adaptive reuse of property and modernization of industrial spaces are predicted to drive more growth, but what other trends will impact investments? What properties offer the best opportunities, and how is the industry adapting as demand outpaces supply?

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