The former Grace Dart Hospital redeveloped into a mixed-use multi-residential project

Fiera Real Estate Investments Limited on behalf of Fiera Real Estate Development Fund IV and Fondaction are joining forces with a consortium of developers, TGTA and Maître Carré, to carry out a vast urban redevelopment project to enhance the former Grace Dart Hospital, a building of heritage interest located at 6085 Sherbrooke Street East in Montreal.

This project will have 299 residential rental units and will provide access to more greenery for all neighbourhood residents. Built on the corner of the Cadillac metro station, this new multi-residential hub will benefit from being in such close proximity to this transportation node.

In order to create social diversity, the design of the premises provides different types of rental spaces. Thus, large apartments are planned on the ground floor to accommodate families. Moreover, more than 40% of the units in the project will have at least two bedrooms. In addition, a portion of the land located near Du Quesne Street and Sherbrooke Street will be transferred to the City of Montreal in order to build social housing.

“We are very proud to, once again, partner with TGTA and Maître Carré for the development of this urban site. This project is an excellent example of responsible development focusing on proximity, within walking distance of services and public transport, while integrating perfectly into its neighbourhood through its inclusive offer of housing units and its openness to the community”, explains Pierre Pelletier, Head of Real Estate Development and Financing – Canada.

The hospital was founded in the early 20th century by Henry J. Dart, a Montreal pharmacist, who named it after his daughter Grace who died of tuberculosis in 1898. The facility opened in 1907. When it closed in 2016, the building, also known as the Grace Dart Pavilion, belonged to the Quebec government, which used it as a residential and long-term care centre (“CHSLD”). Since its closure, the complex has been identified as a building that has exceptional heritage value according to the City of Montreal.