Canadian Real Estate Market Update – Q2 2023

Published August 17, 2023

The prospects for commercial real estate are currently clouded by several factors, including the lingering effects of the Pandemic, increasing interest rates and capitalization rates, and ongoing geopolitical uncertainty. These conditions present a challenge for the industry, like other asset classes. However, despite these challenges, the underlying fundamentals of real estate remain strong, in the industrial and multi-residential sectors, in particular. The supply of land, which is essential for economic activities, is limited and becoming scarcer as Canada’s population continues to grow at the fastest rate among its G7 peers. Moreover, as the world is entering a period of structurally higher inflation due to various converging trends, real estate is likely to outperform traditional assets like equities and fixed-income investments in the long-term. This trend is expected to drive the increased inclusion of “real assets,” particularly in pension plan portfolios, as investors seek alternative options.

It is essential to have an experienced manager who can not only achieve superior performance in fund allocations, but also make research-based and data-driven decisions specific to different sectors of the property market. The Manager’s expertise in asset management, coupled with the utilization of its proprietary Target Markets Model, positions it favorably to effectively allocate capital. This ensures that investments align with long-term objectives and safeguard the value of capital in the face of changing market conditions. When the economic cycle shifts towards recovery, real estate is well-positioned to capture macro-tailwinds and provide superior performance.

Read our quarterly Canadian Real Estate Market Update, produced by our Strategy, Planning and Analytics team, to learn more about the current state of the office, industrial, retail and multi-residential asset classes, and what to expect for 2023.


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