Canadian Real Estate : The World’s Best Kept Secret

Published September 26, 2023

Canadians have a reputation for politeness and tend not to boast. This humble approach should be set aside for the benefit of global real estate investors – the merits, track record, and the prospects of Canadian real estate should be trumpeted now more than ever. The Canadian real estate market has demonstrated stronger overall performance metrics than its G7 peers over the last 15 years and more importantly, greater stability during difficult macro-economic environments. This is often a surprising fact to global property investors and therefore, the underrated Canadian property market has proven to be a missed opportunity. It is not too late however, as the case is increasingly compelling. Canada continues to hold the key ingredients in the recipe for strong future performance.

This whitepaper sets out to achieve the consolidation of a vast range of existing empirical research that separately correlates a nation’s economic, cultural, political, and commercial environment to real estate performance and quantitatively aggregate the findings into a composite scorecard. The purpose is to provide objective, evidence-based clarity for investors seeking to make real estate allocations to prime global geographies – anecdotal sound bites need not apply. The composite scorecard will demonstrate that real estate performance is not driven by a single indicator, but more strongly correlated to a combination of complementing factors. Canada’s strengths, and weaknesses, in relation to these key indicative measures will be assessed, highlighting why Canada remains in an enviable position to deliver continued real estate growth. Finally, the paper will identify and dispel some of the misconceptions that exist around the Canadian real estate market.

The secret is beginning to be unlocked; it is time to pay attention to Canadian real estate.