Fiera Real Estate 2022 ESG Report

Published May 25, 2023

As stewards of our clients’ capital, it is our responsibility to ensure that we use our innovation, influence and privilege to drive positive environmental and social change in a fair and just way for our planet, people and communities. Our latest ESG report reflects on our achievements as a firm in 2022 and the strides we have taken to preserve long-term value and mitigate risk of the strategies that we manage.

We are seeing an even greater level of attention being placed on ESG than ever before and we are at a critical point in time where costs, market uncertainty, and a looming recession could force many to deprioritise their ESG efforts; though anyone who fully understands the consequences and risks of doing so will ensure that this is not the case. At Fiera Real Estate, ESG remains central to every aspect of our business, and we have spent the past year investing in more dedicated resources to support this commitment.

ESG is not an initiative, it is a lens through which we envision the future of our business.


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