Segregated Accounts

Investment Approach

Segregated mandates allow for a tailored investment approach to meet an institution’s specific risk-return and management needs. Working in collaboration with our clients, we develop customized portfolio strategies that balance the protection of capital with the provision of a sustainable growing stream of income.

Management Style

Each segregated account is managed in accordance with a mutually agreed-upon Investment Policy, which sets out specific, measurable guidelines with respect to investment and compliance parameters as well as a performance benchmark against which the fund will be measured on a quarterly basis.

Key Principles

  • Independent client portfolios
  • Strategic portfolio management
  • High degree of diversification with respect to sectors, regional weightings, primary and secondary target markets
  • Tailored asset-ownership structures
  • Individual parcel limits
  • Tenant limits
  • Debt and debt-structure limits

 Segregated Mandates

Fiera Real Estate has been entrusted by a number of pension funds and institutions to manage their real estate portfolios on an individual, segregated-account basis – that is the client’s holdings are not pooled with any other investors’ real estate assets, but rather managed as stand-alone portfolios.

New versus existing portfolios

As prudent asset managers, we carefully consider each portfolio that we take under management, in order to minimize conflicts and avoid overlap of investment strategies.

Although an acquisition plan is often a major component of a new segregated account’s mandate, we have also been asked to transition existing, stabilized portfolios to our Fiera Real Estate management team. Such situations require a full audit and analysis of every property to formulate individual asset strategies as well as a consolidated, overall portfolio strategy. Our final recommendations may include dispositions of assets that do not match an overall portfolio strategy, in order to rebalance the risk, average property size, tenant mix, debt level, property management efficiencies, geographic concentration or sectoral concentration within a portfolio.

The bottom-line objective is to fashion a portfolio where the assets, on an individual and aggregate basis, precisely match our client’s risk, return and management needs over a specific holding period.


Blair McCreadie
Head of Canadian Real Estate and Fund Manager
Graham Pattison
Fund Manager and Senior Vice President, Segregated Funds
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