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Fiera Real Estate offer a broad array of investment management services to investors. Our in-house team of professionals include investment specialists, asset managers, portfolio construction and analytics professionals, fund design and structuring specialists, finance professionals and legal professionals.  We deploy this deeply skilled team to create and manage broad range of investment strategies to our investors who participate through pooled funds and/or separately managed accounts.

Our broad Canadian coverage, full range of strategies, broad and deep skill set and best in class investment management platform allow us to meet the diverse needs of our investor base, be it providing access to a single fund strategy or creating a broader portfolio strategy to meet their unique needs.

Our pooled, open-ended income focused strategies are invested in cities from coast to coast and in all major sectors including industrial, multi-residential, office and retail. The focus is on producing consistent long-term growing cash flow and dividends from stable well located highly functional assets.  Our two income-oriented strategies have been consistently performing in the top quartile when measured against their peer group.

Our series of closed ended opportunity funds are active in major Canadian cities developing modern fit for future industrial, multi-family and office buildings.  Working with qualified strategic partners who have “boots on the ground” in local markets, we seek out development and value add opportunities with a view to delivering risk adjusted investment returns in the 10% to 15%  band over the course of defined investment periods.

Our range of real estate backed debt strategies invest across a broad range of geographies and sectors with fund offerings ranging from core to mezzanine.  They are focused on consistent delivery of risk adjusted income return within the range of each prescribed strategy all underpinned by a best in class risk underwriting and asset management platform and practice.

In addition to the pooled fund strategies, Fiera Real Estate provide Separately Managed Accounts for larger investors in both debt and equity, where the strategies are tailored to the specific needs of the investor.  The nature of the strategies currently under management range from a balanced national core strategy, through a geographically centric strategy, to the take over and work out of a challenged portfolio.

The investment services and strategies managed by Fiera Real Estate are underpinned by a best in class investment management platform that is focused on the continuous innovation and evolution of risk management and investment performance.  Protection of capital and delivery of investment performance always remain at the forefront of our investment practice.

We understand real estate and portfolio dynamics and offer unique and diversified investment solutions to meet the complex needs of all of our investors.

Income Funds
Investment vehicle Open real estate fund
Objective Focus on income
Clientele Institutional and private investors
Growth Funds
Investment vehicle Closed real estate funds
Objective Focus on capital appreciation
Clientele Institutional and private investors
Debt Strategies
Investment vehicle Open mortgage fund
Objective Focus on capital protection
Clientele Institutional and private investors
Separately Managed Accounts
Investment vehicle Independent client portfolios
Objective Strategic portfolio management
Clientele Institutional investors