Investment Themes

Fiera Real Estate was established to be broadly relevant to both the real estate and investor communities, regionally and globally. Accordingly, we have created, and will continue to broaden, a range of strategies across the real estate landscape which provide investors an opportunity to customize their investment needs.

Investment Themes

Investor First
Protect investors interests  and make decisions based on  benefits for the portfolios  under management.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Practice institutional risk management and governance  while leveraging flexibility  and creativity of entreprenuership.

Innovation and Creativity
Constantly challenge status  quo and strive to innovate  while taking a risk managed approach.

Strategic Partnerships
Enhancing performance through due diligence, oversight, and the power of strong partnerships in all active local markets.

Why Choose Fiera Real Estate?

  • Industry leading investment expertise and track record
  • Exceptional risk management and governance
  • Strong corporate framework and investment alignment
  • Wide array of successful investment solutions
  • Highly diversified team with broad commitment to ESG