Kathy Black to speak on sustainability and innovation at the Toronto Real Estate Forum

Don’t miss the final day of the Toronto Real Estate Forum tomorrow! Kathy Black, Senior Vice President, Development, will be participating in the session, “Elevating Development to Another Level: Sustainability, Innovation, Net Zero and Leading-Edge.”

For the past 15 years or so, there has been an unprecedented acceleration of intensification and urban revitalization across Canada on a scale not been seen for many decades. Notwithstanding this significant growth of city building, development activity has often been referred to as a laggard with respect to incorporating innovation being seen as leading-edge, or “thinking outside the box”. This panel will examine to what extent development has been able to embrace new design concepts, construction technologies and innovations, and how projects have been able to enhance urbanization. How can sustainability be achieved through net-zero carbon buildings or other means? What are the potential impacts on development and buildings as a result of advancements in technology and materials? This session will address these and many other questions, examine appropriate case studies in Canada and elsewhere, and suggest a range of future possibilities.

“It takes collaboration to effectively and efficiently implement change. In order for us to be successful in advancing our ESG goals and targets, we can’t be alone in our journey. Our partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders will have to understand our ESG goals and help us meet our objectives.”
Kathy Black, Vice President, Development

Fiera Real Estate aspires to be among the global leaders in ESG integration and aims to provide its investors with increased income and capital appreciation through best-in-class portfolio ESG performance. The foundation of its ESG strategy is based on the primary belief that the way in which Fiera Real Estate manages its funds should be responsible, resilient, and engaged.