Land and Development conference : listen to Kathy Black’s view on the future of commercial real estate

On June 9, 2021, tune in to the Canadian Real Estate Forums’ Land and Development conference to listen to Kathy Black, Vice President, Development, provide a view into her personal and professional world at the «Developer one-on-one» session. This conversation will offer insights and strategic thinking on what the future holds for the commercial real estate market, investments, and the complexity behind planning, design, approvals to construction.

Kathy joined the real estate industry in 2003, focusing on real estate developments of various asset classes, and joined the Fiera Real Estate team in 2019. She has overseen projects totalling more than $2.3 billion for a combined total of 12,000 residential units.

At the Land and Development conference, she’ll be conversing with Adrian Rocca, Chief Executive Officer at Fitzrovia Capital.

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