Join us at the EXPO REAL 2023

Join us this week at the EXPO REAL, in Munich, where two of our team members will be moderating key sessions on the German and Canadian real estate market. As an international trade fair for real estate and investment, this forum offers a fully comprehensive overview of developments, topics, innovations and solutions in the real estate industry.

On October 5th, Wenzel Hoberg, Global Head of Real Estate, will be moderating the panel titled “What do International Investors think of Germany: Safe Haven or Sick Man?” The session will begin at 12pm and will discuss how rising interest rates, high inflation, falling yields and economic uncertainties have changed the German market. Listen as the panellists expand on what investment strategies international investors are now pursuing and which asset classes and locations they are focusing on.

Then, join us at 4pm at the “Canada: Capital Allocation Priorities in a Challenging World” session where Peter McFarlane, Senior Vice President, Investment Management Operations, will explore the risks, challenges and best opportunities in Canada for investors with his panellists. In this session, the panellists will explain how the Canadian market has competed with the U.S. and other global opportunities, what the most desirable property classes have been, what is happening as the pandemic decelerates and interest rates accelerate, and more.

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