RealCapital Conference : Fiera Real Estate to be represented on multiple panels

Join us this week at the RealCapital Conference where three of our team members will address key issues, assess emerging trends, and discuss effective strategies for real estate investment and financing for office, industrial, retail, and multi-residential sectors for 2022 across the country.

On March 1, tune into the “Understanding Valuation and Underwriting Today: How Have the Challenges Been Addressed in the Past Two Years?” session where Peter McFarlane, Senior Vice President, Investment Management Operations, will be asked to elaborate on valuation, property liquidity, and risk. Since March 2020, one of the most significant issues that all commercial real estate mortgage lenders, investors, brokers, and owners have faced was the ability to get a firm understanding of property valuations. Listen to Peter explain how that has changed during the past 24 months, how and why transaction volumes have increased, how much clarity do we have during these unprecedented market conditions, and more.

On the second day of the conference, Quinntin Fong, Vice president, Finance, will examine the trends and issues related to raising debt, equity, and access to other capital from the perspectives of institutional investors, REITs, private equity funds, and other real estate owners in the session titled, “The CFO Perspective: Optimum Capital Structure and Strategies for Today’s Interest Rate Environment”. Can you access the capital that you require in today’s market as easily as you could a year ago? What primary sources of capital are you tapping? Who has the lowest cost of capital now? What about new acquisitions and development? Will they be financed through asset recycling or some other strategies in 2022? What is the right capital structure and appropriate level of debt for a real estate corporation during the pandemic? These are all questions the panellists of this session will be addressing.

Blair McCreadie, Head of Canadian Real Estate and Fund Manager, will be one of the panellists of the final event titled “Closing Roundtable Discussion: The Last Word on Capital Markets, Liquidity, Values, and Deal Flow in 2022” on March 2. In this insightful discussion with a diversified group of senior real estate executives, the panellists will discuss their perspectives on Canadian and global real estate fundamentals, trends, and strategies for 2022. Various subjects will be addressed in this session, such as the key challenges facing real estate executives over the next twelve months, how they anticipate Canada will perform relative to the U.S., Europe, and other markets, and where to find the most attractive opportunities for investors and developers.

To register to this conference and listen to what Blair, Peter and Quinntin have to say, click here.