Canadian Real Estate Market Update – Q2 2022

Published August 24, 2022

With inflationary pressures remaining elevated in the near-term, the Bank of Canada continues to push forward on its path to neutral, which is putting pressure on risk assets’ valuations. While this outlook bodes unfavourably for both stocks and bonds, the natural evolution for investors seeking stability, higher income, and the potential for capital gains is a pivot towards private markets, which are less susceptible to volatile market swings, act as a hedge against inflation and rising interest rates, and continue to generate stable, healthy returns. Direct real estate is time-tested at guarding capital better than traditional investments during volatile economic times.

Read our quarterly Canadian Real Estate Market Update, produced by our Strategy, Planning and Analytics team, to learn more about the current state of the office, industrial, retail and multi-residential asset classes. and what to expect for 2022.


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